Jaysinh Kumar & Co. was founded in 1954 by Shri. Jamnadas Ashar with the dream of distributing high-quality dates in India. The company thus set out on its mission of providing the worlds finest dates to the Indian market. His son, Shri. Jaysinh Ashar tasked himself with the further development of the company’s business.

During these years, Mr. Ashar would spend weeks and months in Middle-Eastern countries - the natural habitat for dates. He personally hand-picked the type of dates that matched his vision for the company. These frequent and long visits also guaranteed the legacy of the company. Today, the supply chain of JKC lies in the relationships built during the early stages of the company’s existence.

Being a pioneer in the trade of fresh dates, JKC became the go-to name in the date industry. Apart from selling dates directly to customers, wholesale supply to various organisations became the mainstay of the company’s business model. In 1992, the company was the first in India to start branding dates in the wholesale market with registered trademarks. The dream of being a leading supplier of dates all across India was realised with the company firmly established in the market.

In the year 2001, the company was rebranded as JKC General Trading Company. With technological innovations and a changing market scenario, it was decided, in 2008, to set up a packaging division through the use of world-class industry leading packaging equipment and practices. As the Indian customer grew more and more discerning, it became necessary to effectively brand and grade the dates being supplied in India. Thus came the launch of three brands under the JKC umbrella which were Falcon Dates, Prince Tomour and My Dates.

Today, JKC General Trading Company stands as a professionally operated player in the date industry with global best practices in place, ensuring that various different types of dates are supplied to customers all over India. The wholesale business of the company continues to remain a leading source of dates to distributors across the country. Meanwhile, JKC branded dates are available at leading retail outlets all over the country.

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